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It has been a long time since my last posting about the patch for the RC of
Windows 7. Lately I have been contacted by severel people concerning the last
verion for Windows 7, so here it is :

cryptsp.dll 32-bit in SysWOW64, version 6.1.7600.16385  :
    - At offset 0x34F3 : change 75 to 90
    - At offset 0x34F4 : change 10 to 90
    - At offset 0x34FB : change 75 to 90
    - At offset 0x34FC : change 08 to 90

Its new SHA256 hash value is :
cryptsp.dll 64-bit in System32, version 6.1.7600.16385 :
    - At offset 0x7721 : change 75 to 90
    - At offset 0x7722 : change 0D to 90
    - At offset 0x7727 : change 75 to 90
    - At offset 0x7728 : change 07 to 90

And its new SHA256 hash value is :

Just a last word about the how to apply this patch for new comers.
Some manifest files must be updated using the new hash values. They are
located under C:\Windows\winsxs\Manifests :
For 32-bit :

For 64-bit :

The hash value to be modified is in the XML node dsig:DigestValue.

Also, you need to replace cryptsp.dll with the patched one in the following
folders under C:\Windows\winsxs :
For 32-bit :

For 64-bit :

This is sufficient for having a running patched system. For a more complete
patch, you can have a look at the directory C:\Windows\winsxs\Backup : it
contains copies of the manifest files and dlls that you can also patch.

Have fun.

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