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After the recent release of Windows 7 RC, here is the patch for developing and tesing CSPs under this new platform. Unlike previous Windows versions and because of internal changes on Advapi32, the patch applies this time to cryptsp.dll and not to advapi32.dll...so the title of this post is really just for historical reasons!!
Here is the patch :

  • Cryptsp dll, version 6.1.7100.0 :
    • At offset 0x34CB : change 75 to 90
    • At offset 0x34CC : change 10 to 90
    • At offset 0x34D3 : change 75 to 90
    • At offset 0x34D4 : change 08 to 90

The SHA-256 hash of the patched dll is in BASE64 encoding :
This value is needed in order to update the manifest files associated with cryptsp.dll in the WINSXS directory.

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